Hier klicken für die deutsche Beschreibung!The Happy-Harmonica-System

Learn how to play harmonica with the brilliant-simple line-point tabs

A 10-hole diatonic harp wich is tuned according to the Richter systemAll tunes can be played on a so-called diatonic Richter harp, a harmonica with ten undivided holes - usually just called Blues Harmonica or  Harp. For example, the "Silver Star", "Big River", "Blues-Harp", "Marine-Band", "Hohner Special 20 Classic", "Seydel 1848" or "Seydel Session".

The Master Of Harp: René GiessenThe "Happy-Harmonica-System" was inventeded by the world-famous virtuoso René Giessen and using it, it is possible to play tunes directly from the script without any knowledge of the usual musical notation.

The system consists of dots and horizontal lines, arranged one beneath the other and divided into ten columns, which represent the ten holes of the Harp: Respectively, the dots mean 'breathe in' (or draw in air) and the horizontal lines mean 'breathe out' (or blow air out).

Example: Are You Sleeping, Brother Jack

Download "Brother Jack" as mp3-file

Now, following the graph, play the Blues Harmonica from the top to the bottom, moving the mouth position to the right or left, according to the position of the dots and horizontal lines. The thicker the dot, or horizontal line, the longer you must hold the note. A grey-filled dot or line is the longest note (4 beats). Sometimes a small digit besides a symbol shows the exact number of beats.


In our example "Frère Jacques" or "Brother Jack" we first blow into hole number 4, then, for the next tone,  inhale the same hole, after that blow into hole 5, then back to hole 4 with blowing, etc. 

If you form your lips as though you wanted to kiss or whistle (Lipping), or block the holes with your tongue (Tongue-Blocking), you can produce a single note. However, if your lips are slightly open you will produce a chord. Note: Draw notes from section 7 - 10 should be played as single tones!

By the way: The "Happy-Harmonica-System" can be used with harps in all keys!






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